Directions from Jackson:
Hwy 49S to Hwy 13S exit at
Mendenhall. Drive 12 miles to Hwy 28
& Hwy 13 four way stop turn left onto
Hwy 28 going toward Magee. Turn left
at James Boyakin Barnett Road (about
1/4 mile) Turn right after water tower
onto pond dam. Studio is located in the
back of the 2 story house.
Directions from Hattiesburg:
Hwy 49N to traffic light at McDonald's
in Magee. Turn left at light onto Hwy
28W then drive 9 miles turn right onto  
James Boyakin Barnett  Road.(You will
pass this road at 5 miles but continue
on Hwy 28 until you reach James
Boyakin Barnett Road a second time.)
Drive until you see a water tower on
the right (about 1/2 mile) turn onto
pond dam  and you will see 2 story
house. The studio in back.